Does Price Alone Sell Your House?

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The Hawaii real estate market continues to sizzle, with estimates of median single family home prices in Honolulu County toppling $700K by the end of the 2014. Low mortgage interest rates and low inventory have combined to create a supply and demand combo that has created a house-buying fever. Of course, we don't know how long this run-up will occur (remember the housing bubble, anyone?), but for … [Read more...]

How Does Seller Financing Work

How does seller finanicng work?

You may have heard the term "Seller Financing" or "Owner Financing" being thrown around in real estate conversations. But do you know what it means? It can be a great tool for putting more money in your pocket from selling your house, but how does seller financing work?Seller financing is actually a broadly defined term that is used in a number of different types of real estate transactions. … [Read more...]

Due Diligence When Buying a House in Hawaii

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There are few things more exciting than buying a house - especially in beautiful Hawaii. If it's your first home, then there's that extra dose of anticipation of creating your own home as you visualize it. If it's a second home or an investment property, well, that's exciting as well but more from a financial perspective.No matter your reason for buying a house in Hawaii, there are definitely … [Read more...]

Oahu Real Estate Market Update – February 2014

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The Oahu real estate market is the most closely watched market in Hawaii and one of the top markets in the country. After all, with roughly 90% of the state's population living here, shows like Hawaii Life getting significant TV airplay and the glitz factor that's been embedded into the Hawaii brand over the decades, it's no surprise. I was recently interviewed for a potential house flipping TV … [Read more...]

Intangibles When Selling Your House in Hawaii

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Aloha, friends. I just got back home from visiting a few potential homes for purchase here on Oahu and wanted to share some quick thoughts. When analyzing a home to buy (or if you're selling your house), there are some obvious and not-so-obvious factors to consider when trying to figure out its true market value.The normal way to figure out how much your home is worth is by "running comps". … [Read more...]

Winter in Hawaii

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Winter in Hawaii - some people love it, some don't. My wife and I prefer the cooler temperatures in Honolulu this time of year (60s at night to mid 70s during most days). It's not the "snowpocalypse" of the mainland, but no doubt Hawaii cools off in the wintertime. But it also brings some extra concerns for keeping your Hawaii home safe for your family.For one, there's been an extraordinary … [Read more...]

Realtors and Investors Working Together

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There are a lot of real estate investors who have a somewhat combative, almost hostile relationship with the concept of realtors. It doesn't make sense to me. Investors and realtors play different yet incredibly complementary roles in local real estate transactions.I understand on the surface where some of the friction comes from -- to a large extent, we market our services to the same people. … [Read more...]

Putting Together a Real Estate Superhero Team

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We all have different real estate goals. Some of us just want to buy a house while interest rates are still relatively low. For some, it's a first house for a new family, maybe a condo in Salt Lake, Honolulu or a townhouse in Makakilo or Kihei. For others, a vacation house on the North Shore of Oahu or just off the beach in Poipu, Kauai is just what we want.Others have significantly different … [Read more...]

Selling Your House in Hawaii Privately

Sell Your House in Hawaii Privately

It's safe to say that a majority of homes for sale in Hawaii are put on the MLS and offered to the local real estate market. This is the normal way to sell a house. The sequence goes something like this:Homeowner decides the time is right to sell their house They contact a local Hawaii real estate broker or agent Property is listed at an agreed price Agent holds one or more open … [Read more...]

So Long, Mr. President

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Come tomorrow, President Obama and family will head back to their usual residence at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in our nation's capital. It's been a surprisingly quiet visit for the First Family compared to previous years. While they stayed in Kailua on the windward side as they always do when visiting Oahu (in a legal rental, we hope!), there weren't as many of the typical stories in the paper and … [Read more...]