Oahu Real Estate Market News

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Remember the ups and downs that used to characterize the local real estate market not too long ago? Well, those climbs and dips appear headed to distant memory, because the Oahu real estate market continues to rise without any signs of slowing down (albeit to the concern of some).Earlier this month (July 2014), the Honolulu Board of Realtors stated that the median single family house price for … [Read more...]

The Power of Real Estate Mastery

FortuneBuilders Mastery Rehab Bootcamp Tour

If it seems like it's been a while since the last real estate post, then you're correct and I apologize. Most of June was spent with family in Japan while the past week has been here in San Diego; in the meantime, the blog somewhat fell by the wayside but is hopefully now right back on track.One of the key forces behind anyone who becomes a truly successful real estate investor is the … [Read more...]

Renovating to Sell Your House

Pearl City Townhouse for Sale

If you're renovating to sell your house, then you may wish to take care of some renovations first. Of course, you always have the option to sell your house as is, without doing any work at all if your budget doesn't allow, but if you have the time and money then taking care of these matters will likely help you sell for more money.Paint Touch-UpsOf course a full paint job will be better, … [Read more...]

What is an Agreement of Sale?

Big Rock Investments - Hawaii real estate investors

You may have heard the term Agreement of Sale and wondered what it is and how it can be used to buy a house or sell a house. What is it? When is it used or not used? Is it even legal?An Agreement of Sale is simply an agreement between a buyer and seller to a sell a piece of real estate. That's it -- it doesn't need to be complicated. However, the terms of the Agreement are what really … [Read more...]

Summer Real Estate Tips

Summer Real Estate Tips

Memorial Day Weekend is generally considered the tip-off to summer, and that means time with the kids, family vacations, long days at the beach and possibly buying a new house. Summer can be a great time to take a big step in your real estate plans, whether you're looking to sell your house or buy a new one. Here are some summer real estate tips for you: If you're selling your house, start … [Read more...]

Real Estate Investment Information Sources

Big Rock Investments - Hawaii real estate investors

People are always interested in real estate -- it's the one industry that will never fail to draw attention and get people talking. "What's the market doing? Are prices doing up? What's happening with foreclosures? Did you see that the mansion by the lake is up for sale? What's the Fed doing to interest rates? Do you watch Flip This House or Property Brothers?"But where do you actually go to … [Read more...]

Invest in What You Know

Big Rock Investments - Hawaii real estate investors

The term "real estate investor" gets thrown around a lot. Many people who get started learning how to flip houses immediately give themselves this label. That's ok - I'm all for the 'fake it 'til you make it' approach. But the term itself is rather vague, no matter whether you're a seasoned veteran or new investor --  after all, there are countless ways to invest in real estate. Calling yourself a … [Read more...]

Should You Sell Your House As Is or Renovate First?

should you sell your house?

It's a standard question once you've decided to sell your house: should you sell your house as is or renovate first? One look on the Oahu MLS shows a mix of properties both renovated and fixer uppers requiring some -- or a lot -- of TLC. What does that mean? It largely means that any house can sell, given the right price. After all, even if your house is a true fixer upper, there's a current … [Read more...]

Does Price Alone Sell Your House?

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The Hawaii real estate market continues to sizzle, with estimates of median single family home prices in Honolulu County toppling $700K by the end of the 2014. Low mortgage interest rates and low inventory have combined to create a supply and demand combo that has created a house-buying fever. Of course, we don't know how long this run-up will occur (remember the housing bubble, anyone?), but for … [Read more...]

How Does Seller Financing Work

How does seller finanicng work?

You may have heard the term "Seller Financing" or "Owner Financing" being thrown around in real estate conversations. But do you know what it means? It can be a great tool for putting more money in your pocket from selling your house, but how does seller financing work?Seller financing is actually a broadly defined term that is used in a number of different types of real estate transactions. … [Read more...]