A Cold and Deadly Winter?

Michael Borger standing next to a cut-out of President George Washington

I sit here writing this post in Pottstown, Pennsylvania, about an hour west of Philadelphia. I'm from here originally and I'm visiting my parents for the Thanksgiving holiday. The air is brisk, typical for this time of year, and while most of the fall colors are gone from the trees, there are still a few holding on to their reds and yellows while the brown of already-fallen leaves gently blanket … [Read more...]

Will Your Next Four Years Be Different?

Photo of a sunset in Hawaii with sailboats

Yesterday the nation hit the polling stations and voted to re-elect President Barack Obama  for the next four years. Hawaii, Obama's childhood home and current vacation spot (Kailua), predictably went 'blue' (Democrat), but for anyone who was glued to the sets for much of the day, like me, it was a nail-biter until about 6:00PM Hawaii time. No matter how you voted, as long as you voted then … [Read more...]

Should You Sell Your House Yourself? FSBO?

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Is a 'For Sale By Owner' the Right Approach?Today's housing market is very tricky, including right here in Hawaii. There are lots of mixed signals out there. Is it going up with a shrinking inventory? Or is it going to stay flat or even go back down? It's hard say. Undoubtedly the winner of the 2012 Presidential Election will have some influence on that answer.However, no matter what the … [Read more...]

Free Seminar on Investing in Real Estate With Your IRA at the Bishop Museum!

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Learn How to Invest in Real Estate With Your Retirement Funds!Aloha, friends. Did you know that you can invest in real estate -- with your IRA?? It's true! The IRS does not restrict you to the typical stocks, bonds and mutual funds. So why does everyone think that's the bulk of their choices when trying to build up their 401(k) or IRA?Because that's where the Vanguards and T. Rowe Prices … [Read more...]

Meeting of the Real Estate Minds

Photo of the FortuneBuilders Real Estate Coaches at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas

Aloha, friends. I recently had the pleasure of spending a couple days in Hawaii's favorite destination -- Las Vegas! -- with some of the brightest real estate investment minds around. This was a gathering of the founders and coaches of the FortuneBuilders Mastery real estate investment education program.I'm talking about people like Than Merrill and Paul Esajian, who you may have seen on the … [Read more...]

Attention to Details: Lessons from Japan

photo of a Japanese sashimi meal

Konichiwa! I'm here in Atsugi, Japan on mostly family business and wanted to get out this quick post while I had a minute (amid my jet lag). This is my third time to Japan this year with my girlfriend to visit her family, and I've learned a thing or two about this fascinating country.I've learned that Japanese culture is very much about paying attention to details! Case in point: individually … [Read more...]

Why Real Estate Beats Stocks for Investors – Part 2

table comparing stocks to private lending

In yesterday's Part 1 of this two-part post, we talked about the incredible amount of 'noise' hitting us constantly in today's tech-forward information-overload world. More so than ever, we need to tease out the logic from the mere (unsolicited) advice. This is a time for reason, and sometimes being reasonable means breaking away from the masses. The Showdown: Investing in Real Estate vs. … [Read more...]

Why Real Estate Beats Stocks for Investors – Part 1

Edvard Munch's The Scream

The Setup If you're wondering what to do with your money, you're not alone. There are many choices today for people with money to invest and it can be difficult to make true apples to apples comparisons. The barrage of marketing and social media noise about this company versus that combines with our own intuition, family responsibilities and concern about the future to often lead to either … [Read more...]

The Role of a Great Realtor

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Even though as Hawaii real estate investors our company can buy your house directly, there is still PLENTY of room for working with quality real estate agents and brokers. In fact, savvy real estate investors know that having ROCKSTAR AGENTS on your power team can put you leaps and bounds above the competition while also helping to keep you from making some big mistakes. For homeowners, … [Read more...]


Short sale benefits

Did you try to sell your house in Hawaii the traditional way on the MLS without any success? Did your listing agreement actually expire?Everyday -- and I literally mean everyday -- there are homes for sale on the Hawaii MLS that reach their expiration. Most have been listed for a full year -- 365 whole days! -- without resulting in a sale. While this is no doubt disappointing (and to your … [Read more...]