Top 3 Ways to Lose Your Shirt Investing in Real Estate

illustration of Monopoly guy losing his clothes and money

So you want to invest in real estate -- maybe a little or maybe a lot -- but you're not sure of how to get started. Maybe you have no plan at all or those late-night infomercials didn't quite deliver on the step-by-step promises they were pitching.Getting into flipping houses or any other real estate investment strategy isn't one to take lightly. Recent history is full of people with dollar … [Read more...]

Technology for Real Estate Enthusiasts

metal gear

Let's grind some gears. After all, it's a techie world out there, no way around it. I'm sitting here in my neighborhood Kapahulu Starbucks and there are half a dozen Macbook Pros crunching away on the tables in addition to whatever iPhone or Android is in everyone's pockets (btw, these are consistently some of the nicest folks working here).Apple, Ice Cream Sandwich, MIFI, Galaxy, … [Read more...]

Asset Liquidation of Real Property

Store sign "Liquidation Sale - Going Out of Business"

Asset Liquidation. The phrase sounds like the end of a store, like a "Going Out of Business" sale at the local hardware store where you can buy not just some toilets and tool sets on sale but the cash registers as well.The truth is, asset liquidation happens on the home front as well. Everyday in Hawaii and elsewhere there are people who find themselves in a jam and need to either walk away … [Read more...]

Getting the GISt of Geography

image of globe with Hawaii starred

News out of PBN the other day is that a new GIS is coming to Oahu. A new what? A GIS! Or more specifically, a Geographic Information System. As a former geography graduate student, both at GMU and UH, I love it when my former discipline makes headlines! Geography is not just about knowing where things are -- it's about understanding relationships between different phenomena, both cultural and … [Read more...]

Social Media for Due Diligence on Real Estate Professionals

Pinterest for Real Estate

The Internet can be a crazy place for those in the real estate business (or any business). The amount of information out there -- both legit and bogus -- is nothing short of astounding. It's easy to get caught up surfing from one site to another (I'm a huge fan), but there's also something to be said for getting what you need and moving on. It's like going to Safeway with a clear shopping … [Read more...]

Why You Need to Start Your Short Sale NOW

Short sale benefits

Why NOW is the Time to MOVE on Your Short Sale Is the mortgage on your Hawaii property upside down or "underwater"? If you owe more than your property is worth and you can't keep up with the payments, a short sale may be your best way out. If you haven't qualified for a loan modification and can't reinstate the loan (make up the back payments or arrears), you don't have many options if you want … [Read more...]

Featured Real Estate Article on


I want to give a special thank you today to my coaches and friends at FortuneBuilders who gave me the opportunity to post on their real estate investment blog. Today's article is about the art of LISTENING, one of the greatest tools an investor can have. Actually, it's one of the greatest tools that anyone can have in any endeavor, business or personal!It's very common, in real estate or any … [Read more...]

Oahu Real Estate Opportunities

Foreclosure Process and Timelines

There's been a lot of press over the past few years about real estate, both good and bad. Much of one's opinion is formed based on where they stand on the mortgage fiascos that have plagued our national housing market and overall economy. If you're one of the many who were negatively impacted by the fallout, then you undoubtedly don't have a favorable feeling on what's happened. However, if you … [Read more...]

How Can My Money Make Money

Dollar signs

In today's economic environment of failing banks, dubious lenders, volatile markets and shrinking 401(k)s, many people are left wondering how they're going to invest for both short-term and long-term needs. With only so many hours in the day to be in an actual job, an important question on people's minds is: "How Can My Money Make Money"? It's a legitimate question and it comes down to the power … [Read more...]

“I Sold My House!”

I sold my house

The four greatest words you sometimes hear in this business are "I sold my house." For many people affected by the crash and doldrums of the Hawaii housing market (and nationally as well, of course), selling your house isn't nearly as easy or painless as it used to be. Let's look at some of the most obvious reasons why:1. Loss of Home Equity. Probably the most common reason today for not being … [Read more...]