Invest in Hawaii Short Sale Deals


green graphic "Invest in Hawaii Short Sale Deals"If you’re thinking of investing in Hawaii real estate, you may not find a better time than NOW to get some cheap high-equity deals out there. It’s no secret that the real estate world has been turned on its head the past 5 years or so. While this has, unfortunately, caused some serious distresses for homeowners who found themselves in troublesome mortgages or facing a foreclosure, there’s no denying the fact that it also creates opportunity for cash investor buyers looking to capture some equity in a market that many feel is both undervalued and rising.

One of the best places right now in Hawaii to look for deals is the short sale market. With the non-judicial foreclosure moratorium passed in 2011, many Hawaii homeowners were given another chance to work out a loan modification with their lender or more time to complete a short sale instead of face the axe of a foreclosure.

Well, no short sale is getting approved and completed without a buyer at the other end. Why can’t that buyer be YOU? The banks know they’re facing a glut of inventory out there and that most buyers won’t want to wait the 6 months or longer for the possibility that the sale will be accepted, so they have to offer these properties at a discount. That means you can buy these properties with significant upfront equity and that’s what we call “wise investing” — equity upfront. No speculators here.

If you have the cash and are thinking about ways to invest for the long term, consider investing in Hawaii short sale deals. We’re working with homeowners RIGHT NOW on short sales and are actively looking for buyers to wholesale these properties to. Interested? Then contact us directly or join our “no spam” buyers list here. You’ll be among the first to know about our next short sale deal — right here in Hawaii.



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