Can You Help a Homeowner Friend in Need?


You know what can be the hardest thing to do? Ask someone for help. It’s human nature that we rarely actually ask people for help, no matter how much we may need it. I think we all feel, at some level, that asking for help means admitting weakness.

The truth is that we ALL need help at some point. Every single one of us, even here in beautiful sunny Hawaii. And if we all need help, doesn’t that mean none of us are really weak? I like to think so.

The Hawaii real estate market has been increasing in value over the past year or so. For many homeowners, that means an underwater mortgage becomes either less of a burden or it can mean they’re now equity positive. It might mean the difference between losing a home to foreclosure or keeping it in the family instead.

But for some, even a rising local housing market doesn’t mean trouble is over. There are still many people who need help. Behind in mortgage payments, can’t find enough work, can’t afford required maintenance, etc. And you know what?

You probably know people like this. You might not be aware of it, though. Why? Because they haven’t asked for help.

The Magic of Seeking — and Granting — Help

It takes courage, tons of courage, to tell someone you may need to sell your house because of personal, family, financial or other problems. It takes guts to say you can’t make it on your own, even if just for a short while.

Sometimes all it takes to get someone like this to step up and admit they could use some assistance is some genuine caring and concern from a friend.

Think about who you know right now who might need some help. If they haven’t taken any action to improve their situation, there’s an underlying reason. Is it ego? Pride? Shame? Fear? Confusion? Hopelessness? One honest, genuine act of concern from a friend or family member — from YOU — can make all the difference in the world. It can be enough to let them move past those feelings and towards one of gratitude for your kindness. It can make them feel empowered to start moving forward again.

We’re happy to speak with anyone you think could use our assistance. Every first contact with a customer starts with a caring assessment of their situation, their mortgage and their home. We’ll then go over different options they have. At that point, it’s 100% up to them how they wish to move forward. No hard sell, no strings, just an honest assessment and action plan if they wish to proceed.

Even if they don’t want to contact us, please make sure if there’s someone you care about who needs help, get them that help. The important thing is that we take care of our own loved ones, especially when they need us the most. I always tell people that real estate is not about houses, it’s about people. Let’s remember this as we march into the holiday season.

  • Jessica Sala

    Amen on the last part! I think in any business real estate included we need to remember that behind each sale, transaction and contract is a person behind it!