Hoarding – A Problem and Solution for Hawaii’s Troubled Homeowners

Hoarding in Hawaii

Sell — even with the clutter

There’s been a recent interest in “hoarding“, the name given for amassing enough possessions in one’s home to the extent that it becomes a challenge just to walk from the kitchen to the front door. A&E has a TV show now called, appropriately, “Hoarders“. Just a couple days ago I read an article in which “hoarding disorder” was actually recognized as a separate diagnosis of psychological disorder according to the American Psychiatric Association. It seems clear that hoarding is the visible face of a much bigger issue within.

In some instances it’s just a piling up of boxes, but in others you need to leave a trail of breadcrumbs or you’ll get lost for days inside the living room. And in case you think that hoarding just happens on the mainland, I’ve got news for you — I’ve seen plenty of hoarding houses right here in Hawaii. Sometimes these are homeowners who contact me directly, sometimes it’s their relatives and others it’s a realtor with a distressed sale.

Hoarding behavior can cause serious stress within a family. Often times, it’s an elderly parent who, upon passing, has left their children to deal with all the amassed belongings. It can be a significant burden on both time and emotions for all involved.

However, no matter the background story, the need is still the same — to sell the house quickly and painlessly, boxes, belongings and all.

And we can do just that.

Putting a house that shows (and often smells) of hoarding on the market can sometimes be a waste of time as most buyers want a home that’s in renovated, move-in condition. Unfortunately, a ‘hoarding home’ can sit for days or months on the market as buyers pass it by in favor of better options elsewhere.

In order to save time and be sure of getting your house sold, just ask us for a cash offer. There’s no fee at all, and if you accept our offer you’re on your way to putting your problem property behind you once and for all — with cash in hand.


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