Should You Sell Your House If You’re Moving Off Island?


Aloha, friends. If you’re relocating off island or away from Hawaii completely, should you sell your house or keep it? It can be a difficult decision.

Case in point: We’re buying a single family house in Honolulu at the end of the month from owners who are relocating away from Oahu and have decided they’d rather not keep the house and be landlords. They reached out to us and we agreed to buy their house “as is” on the date of their choosing.

Let’s face it: not everyone wants to deal with tenants and all the extra maintenance costs, vacancies and general worries that come with renting out your house. Some people love the idea of owning rentals, some don’t want anything to do with it.

Honolulu Dallas flight map

Do you want to manage your house in Hawaii from this far away?

Are You Really Landlord Material?

If you don’t need the proceeds of your current house to buy the new one you’ll be moving into, then you’ll have to decide if being a landlord is right for you. Don’t take this decision lightly. Cash flowing properties can put money in your bank account, but they can also cause lots of stress if you buy the wrong property, lease to the wrong tenants, hire a poor property manager, etc.

If this sounds like more work and stress than it’s worth, then you may be better off selling your house instead, taking the cash and putting it all behind you. After all, if you’re moving to California, Maryland or Texas, do you still want to the mental burden of a house in Honolulu or townhouse in Kihei that you’re so far removed from? I often talk with people who started out with the dream of keeping a house in Hawaii but soon decided they’ll never move back and would rather just move on.

If  Selling Your House Makes More Sense…

Of course, you may also need to sell your current house to so you have the funds to buy a new house in whatever city you’re moving to. If this is the case, then do you have the luxury of waiting for your current house to sell? Will the owner of the house you plan on buying be willing to wait for you to sell your current home? He or she may have plans of their own. You may need a more definitive selling date or risk losing your new house, which is where we can actually come in.

Because we’re actual home buyers, and not agents, we can buy your house in Hawaii when YOU need us to. That house I mentioned in Honolulu we’re buying in the beginning of this article? They needed us to close the sale on a specific date so they could buy their new house on an outer island. Fine – we’re flexible like that. You choose the date.

Other benefits of selling your house yourself to Big Rock Investments?

  • We’ll buy your house “as is”
  • Because we’re the actual buyer, there are no commission fees
  • No march of “lookie-loo” strangers through your door
  • Keep your sale private

So if you’re relocating within Hawaii or moving to the mainland or even another country, you have a decision to make. Be a “remote landlord” or sell on your own terms, take the money and start enjoying your life in your new home. Not sure? Talk to us and we’ll present you with all the information you need to help decide.



  1. Kernick Homes says

    From my point of view I did not sell my house if I am moving to one island to another until and unless financial problem.

    • says

      Hi Kernick. Yes, many people would do the same as you. However, sometimes finances just don’t allow someone to keep both their current and new homes (expensive in Hawaii!) or they just don’t want to be a landlord and deal with tenants.

    • says

      Good question, Jessica. The answer, of course, is “it depends”. I’d say you should keep it if 1) you return often enough to justify its personal use, and 2) you can get some decent cash flow out of it when you’re not there. If not, then it may be better to take the cash and move in another direction and relieve yourself of the burden of a house you don’t really benefit from.

  2. Jeff Crane says

    Excellent point Mr. Borger, if your not using the house and you don’t have a plan to be a landlord and deal with tenants then sell it. It can relieve you from burden of your house maintenance and other financial obligations, it is expensive in hawaii indeed. You can always check-in to a hotel if you plan to have a vacation.

    Jeff Crane

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