Asset Liquidation of Real Property

Store sign "Liquidation Sale - Going Out of Business"

Asset Liquidation. The phrase sounds like the end of a store, like a "Going Out of Business" sale at the local hardware store where you can buy not just some toilets and tool sets on sale but the cash registers as well.The truth is, asset liquidation happens on the home front as well. Everyday in Hawaii and elsewhere there are people who find themselves in a jam and need to either walk away … [Read more...]

Divorce and Real Estate

green button with text "Sell Your House Direct"

The current economy and housing market in Hawaii and the mainland U.S. have placed unusual stress on families of late. This stress is proving to be the straw that broke the camel’s back for some, resulting in divorce when the pressure gets too be too much. Divorces can go either way. While some splits are amicable, there are always a percentage of divorces that prove to be…difficult.Splitting … [Read more...]