The Power of Real Estate Mastery

FortuneBuilders Mastery Rehab Bootcamp Tour

If it seems like it's been a while since the last real estate post, then you're correct and I apologize. Most of June was spent with family in Japan while the past week has been here in San Diego; in the meantime, the blog somewhat fell by the wayside but is hopefully now right back on track.One of the key forces behind anyone who becomes a truly successful real estate investor is the … [Read more...]

Flipping Houses in Hawaii

FortuneBuilders Mastery Real Estate Coaching

When I moved to Honolulu from Washington DC in the summer of 2006, it wasn't because of anything related to real estate. I was actually entering the doctoral program of the geography department at The University of Hawaii. Flipping houses was about the furthest thing from my mind; it wasn't even on the radar. I was moving here to study maps, satellite images and coastal regions.Seven years … [Read more...]

FortuneBuilders Coming to Oahu and Maui

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This real estate blog attracts quite a few different types of readers. There are those who are looking to sell their house fast and easy, those looking to buy a house in Hawaii at discount, and those looking for smarter ways to invest their capital, like private lending.But there are also those who want to learn how to flip houses. After all, with an unpredictable economic future and fewer … [Read more...]

Meeting of the Real Estate Minds

Photo of the FortuneBuilders Real Estate Coaches at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas

Aloha, friends. I recently had the pleasure of spending a couple days in Hawaii's favorite destination -- Las Vegas! -- with some of the brightest real estate investment minds around. This was a gathering of the founders and coaches of the FortuneBuilders Mastery real estate investment education program.I'm talking about people like Than Merrill and Paul Esajian, who you may have seen on the … [Read more...]

Featured Real Estate Article on


I want to give a special thank you today to my coaches and friends at FortuneBuilders who gave me the opportunity to post on their real estate investment blog. Today's article is about the art of LISTENING, one of the greatest tools an investor can have. Actually, it's one of the greatest tools that anyone can have in any endeavor, business or personal!It's very common, in real estate or any … [Read more...]

Business Building in Cleveland

Sunset Over Mapleside

Aloha, friends! I just got back from a super fun mini-trip to Cleveland, Ohio - yes, Cleveland! Now what would an ocean-loving, mountain-hiking, beach-going guy be doing along the shores of Lake Erie? Building -- the real estate business, that is. You see, there are smart people in our industry all over the nation. As you may already know, I work with and under the tutelage of the FortuneBuilders … [Read more...]

Chinese Interest in Hawaii Market Growing


Aloha, friends! I just got back from a super fun week in San Diego and Los Angeles. While I was mostly there on a vacation break with my lovely lady, I did sneak in a bit of business here and there. Part of that was catching up with my friends JD Esajian of "Flip This House" and his wife Debora. Both are not just friends and great people, but also incredibly motivated "achievers" who target goals … [Read more...]