What I Learned in the Hospital – Excellence


Excellence in Real EstateLife takes some crazy turns sometimes. I just spent a week in Queens Hospital for a burst appendix. Yes — ouch. What I originally thought was just a persistent stomach bug turned out to be a rather unpleasant week up there on the 9th floor of Queen Emma Tower. However, things could definitely have been worse and I think I even learned a thing or two — and not about my innards.

Excellence. The staff at Queens was outright excellent. My surgeon was not just excellent at the operation itself but with all the follow-up care. My nurses were incredibly attentive, thorough and caring — every single one. Whether it was 4pm or 4am, the nurse and aides on staff were top-notch. I couldn’t have asked for anything better.

Excellence is the building block of any successful organization, whether it’s a hospital or a real estate investment company. Excellence means performing at the highest level possible, no matter the task at hand. While in a hospital this means outstanding medical and therapeutic operations, for a real estate investment company, it means:

  1. Outstanding investment and acquisition decisions
  2. The highest level of customer care, whether the customer is a home seller, house buyer or a private mortgage lender
  3. Staying on top of (and ahead of) real estate and housing industry activity to be the most educated organization possible

Of course, we could expand on this list endlessly, but I hope you get the point. Many people speak about excellence, but I think few truly achieve it because few truly aim for it. It’s a word often carelessly thrown around without a clear understanding of its true definition.

Whatever your pursuit, try to make excellence a top priority. Not only will you likely achieve better results in your chosen profession, but you’ll also find yourself attracting like-minded folks. And in real estate, we always want to work with the best.


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